How an Energy Healer Can Help You

This is a question I get a lot!

  • “What is Energy Healing?”

  • “What’s the difference between an Energy Healer and a psychic?”

  • “Do I have to believe in it for it to work?”

Today, I am answering all those questions and more! Whether you’ve worked with an Energy Healer before or are completely new to this - you are in the right place.

Energy Healing 101

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a modality where we make changes to your subtle energy body, freeing you up to more easily create the life you want.

What’s currently happening around you is influenced by your previous actions, choices, thoughts and emotions. And conversely, what your future will look like is influenced by how inner state + your actions right now.

So, through changing your energetic state today - we set you up to have a beautiful + successful life in the future.

And an amazing side effect is that the more we “clean up” your energy field, the lighter and happier you will feel. You’ll be naturally happy, without even needing to think about it much! Awesome, right?

Energy Healing gives you a fresh start - instead of being “cluttered up” by the energies and blockages you picked up over the course of your life, you can now create your life with a lot more inner and outer freedom.

What’s The Difference Between an Energy Healer And a Psychic?

A Psychic is someone who is very sensitive and can “see” or “hear” or “know” what’s going on with you even though you aren’t fully aware of it. Think of it like a person who can look into the deeper layers of your being and give you valuable information about what’s going on.

An Energy Healer is usually highly psychic too, but then they also help you fix your energy. They don’t just tell you what’s wrong - they also tell you what needs to be shifted in your energy, so you can live a happier, more successful life!

Energy Healing is a lot more goal oriented. You can expect to get profound results in your inner and outer life within a very short period of time, as well as learning a lot about yourself.

With that said - every Psychic and every Energy Healer works differently! Just like in any other profession, there are Healers who are better at what they do than others.

Do I Have to Believe in It for It to Work?

I love this question! And the answer is NO, you don’t have you believe in it to work. Many of my clients come to me not fully believing in Energy Healing and the good thing is: the healings work anyway!

You will always have an energy field, whether you believe in it or not. If you ask a physicist, they will be able to show you that everything has an electromagnetic charge, even though most of us aren’t able to see it.

Did you know that when the light bulb was invented, most people didn’t believe in electricity? Which makes total sense to me! They couldn’t see/smell/hear/touch it, so why believe in something invisible? But the more people saw the results of the electric flow - in this case their lights turning on, the more it became normal! The belief in electricity strengthened and now we don’t question it anymore.

If you don’t believe in Energy Healings, that’s totally understandable. This will probably change once you’ve seen the amazing results it can bring you.

Can Anyone Become Psychic?

Yes! One of the biggest myths I love debunking is that there are some people who are psychic and some people that aren’t.

Biologically speaking - we all have the physical organs needed to perceive subtle energy. There are nerve bundles in your solar plexus, in your heart, in your thymus gland and in several other places in the body that are only there to perceive the energetic vibrations of your external environment. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Your body is totally capable of perceiving “psychic” information! The more you do Energy Healings, the more your body opens up to picking up this information.

So sum it up: Yes, your natural state is to be psychic! If you want to work on this, simply start a daily Energy Healing practice.

How an Energy Healer Can Help You

They Can “Read” Your Energy Field and Tell You Where You Are Blocked

A masterful Energy Healer can simply look at your energy and see exactly why your life isn’t going the way you want it. For me, I see those blockages as dark clouds in someone’s body. These dark clouds can be old emotions, limiting beliefs, family patterns etc.

My goal is to help my clients release these blockages step-by-step and as a result, they feel significatly lighter and brighter.

When I do a clearing on a client, I watch to see the block resolve. The dark cloud gets smaller and smaller until it is gone completely. And once a block is gone, it’s gone!

They Can Help You Release the “Gunk” You’ve Accumulated Over the Course of Your Life

Just like you take a shower every day to wash away the dirt you picked up throughout your day - it is VITAL that you take an inner shower regularly too!

Those energy blocks you picked up from going through life? They will continue to weigh you down and be a source of massive anxiety, if you don’t start to clear them out.

Learning how to release my inner blocks has changed my life - I have never felt this clear and free! It has allowed me to have SO MUCH more energy which I used to build a beautiful, healthy life for myself. Would you like us to create that for you too?

They Can Help You Get the Life You Want

If you are anything like my clients and I, you probably have very big goals for your life - you have a feeling that your life should be extraordinary!

You might also feel like wherever you go - doors keep being slammed into your face. Opportunities don’t work out. You have a lot of inner resistance. You are unclear about your next steps. You feel stopped and blocked.

If this sounds like you, then you definitely have some energetic blocks you might want to heal. One of my clients says that Energy Healing is like sticking your life into a washing machine and it comes out squeaky clean. I love that :)

The external results are definitely impressive, but it all starts on the inside. Click here to read some of my clients’ success stories and see what results you can expect from working with me as your Energy Healer.

Final note

By now, you might have noticed that I love Energy Healing. It has helped me heal from depression. It has helped me develop a healthy relationship to money. It has helped me find the perfect mate for me. I just love it!

If you are new to Energy work, then I hope some of my enthusiasm rubbed off on you and you are going to give it a try. And if you have worked with an Energy Healer before, I hope this post helped you fall even more deeply in love with the method.

Have you worked with an Energy Healer before? What did you like/dislike? Let me know in the comments below :)